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We have the 3D CAD/CAM/CAE products and solutions for companies both small and large. Our customer base includes NASCAR race teams, Fortune 500 enterprises, as well as smaller clients as well. Our pledge has always been to suggest the best products for all of our customer whether we sell them or not.

DezignWorks  [ More Info
DezignWorks, the standard in feature-based reverse engineering for SOLIDWORKS,
Feature-based reverse engineering, integrated inside SOLIDWORKS, Inventor or ProE Wildfire. DezignWorks automatically creates 2D and 3D features, incorporating its own cut and extrude command, Simply digitize the shape or your part and select the designated height or depth and a cut or extrude is completed. Complex 3D shapes are DezignWorks forte, a single or multiple planes can be selected and simply move the digitizer back and forth across the planes or faces and DezignWorks will capture the continuous movement of the device and allows for interactive editing of complex curves. Data can be be added or subtracted during or after the operation with the DezignWorks Patent Pending Database Manager. DezignWorks insures that all geometric elements are parametric, fully editable, and conforming to the feature-based intelligence to your 3D CAD modeler of choice.

Real time Reverse Engineering can be achieved on multiple parts and assemblies. All alignments and probe calibrations are stored with the part or the assembly. DezignWorks enhances the capabilities of your 3D CAD software with the addition of curve editing and measurement tools. Inspecting capabilities are obtained by using our simplified measurement tools.

DezignWorks is fully integrated inside SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk Inventor or ProE Wildfire.
Allowing interactive editing and creation of sketch entities ( lines, arcs, curves, splines, points and planes ). The digitizer's coordinate system is displayed for single and multiple alignments. Along with interactive display of the digitizers coordinate position and graphical probe tracking in single or multiple views. The probe graphics can be modified to suit the users needs.

Because of its seamless integration within the CAD environment, DezignWorks is readily adaptable. Following the configurations of any new or pre-existing Part or Assembly documents, including configurations. Current CAD users are immediately productive with DezignWorks after minimal training, due to the depth of integration and the native look and feel of DezignWorks menus and toolbar.
Connect CAD to the World by utilizing our device configuration manager you can configure the digitizer the way you like it, even as your mouse to improve your productivity and ease of use. Our Datum Manager wizard allows for quick and easy multiple alignments and monitors the calibration stack tolerance when a user has created multiple alignments.

Proven Compatibility with most common 3D articulating digitizing devices, Such as Romer, Faro, and MicroScribe including Faro and Romer laser devices!

Get on the fast track to reverse engineering and solid modeling with the standard in reverse engineering software DezignWorks. The Future is Now!


DezignWorks Partz & Assembliez

For those that don't yet have a 3D modeler or need an inexpensive CAD alternative to work with DezignWorks, we offer DezignWorks Partz & Assembliez. It is a powerful package based on the world's leading 3D CAD software at a fraction of the cost.

Creative Dezign Concepts can help provide a full turnkey solution with a complete hardware, software, and training package custom tailored to your industry and the type of parts you need.

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